Trove Tuesday - William McCall - Snake Bite

This is a Trove Tuesday post.

Although the Tenterfield Star or the Stanthorpe Border Post have not been digitised yet for Trove, I am amazed at how much I can find about my family from Wallangarra in the Brisbane Courier.

Another browse last night found this.

The lesson about snake bite must have been a popular one at the time. I have a school exercise book belonging to my great uncle and in it he writes a composition about a boy getting bitten by a snake and treating it himself.

McCall's sister Jane who was in fact 2 years older than William, was bitten by a death adder on 26th August 1893 and died on the way to a doctor. She was buried on her parent's property, just north of Wallangarra.

William McCall later married Catherine McCaul who was my great great grandmother's niece. 


  1. Having the stories relayed through other newspapers is like a news "insurance policy". I first learned about a fire in Ipswich from the Maitland papers.

  2. It's amazing how far news travelled then.


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