Brennan - Another letter from Knockmajor

Mary Brennan Senr
Co Kilkenny
15 4 29

My Dear Cousin

I am delighted to know that I have a cousin and namesake in Australia and I am twenty-eight years of age. Though I often heard Father talking about Uncle William and wondering whey he would never write to him, yet he never knew he was married. I am sure you feel lonely for them both as I would, think above any other member of the family wouldn't be missed half as much.
May They Rest In Peace
Well cousin there are five of us in family one boy and four girls, the eldest girl is away. Mother is laid up in bed for the past four years with Rheumatic pains & I have to remain with her. It is terrible to say there can't be any remedy we have tried several prescriptions but they all failed.
We are after having a great spell of fine weather here. It has been the finest spring that has come for years. This Country is very dull it is hard to find suitable positions for girls the majority of them go to England and some to America. I have no more news now that would be of any interest to you so I will close for the present hoping to hear from again. Love to all

Your living Cousin
Mary Brennan

Information gleaned

  1. One boy and four girls in the family (agrees with father's letter - previous post)
  2. Eldest girl is away. Does this mean in Ireland or further afield like England or America?
  3. Mary was born c. 1901
  4. It was difficult to obtain suitable work
  5. Family didn't know that William was married

Regarding point 5. William Brennan's arrival in Australia was very sad. His wife Annie died on the voyage to Australia in 1885, his daughter Margaret died a few weeks after arrival and his son Thomas died the following year. He did not remarry until 1896. 


  1. Isn't it great to have these letters. I've read about the severity of rheumatism in those days which had a dreadful impact on people's lives.

  2. I have copies of many other letters which have been written in Old German. I'd love to be able to get them translated one day. There could be up to 50 of them written over about a 40 year period.


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