My second blogiversary

Today is my second blogiversary. Two weeks ago, on one of the hottest days this summer, I asked my husband to look in our storage space between the ceiling and the roof in our garage to look for something that I hoped might be up there.

He obliged before it got too hot and found the box. Fortunately it contained what I was looking for - my old birthday cards. Rummaging through them, I found the card that my grandparents sent me for my second birthday in 1962 and thought this would be the image for my blogiversary.

2 years old already?
Well that's exciting news!
It's plain no other 2-year-old
Could ever fill your shoes -
Hope your birthday is a lot of fun
With frosted cake and candy
Games to play and things to do - 
Mmm! Aren't birthdays dandy!

Yes it is exciting that my blog is two years old. I'm looking forward to the year and will try to post regularly. I wonder if anyone has made me a frosted cake and candy? I do know there are games to play chasing those hidden clues left by my family and I have a million things to do.

So here's to another year of blogging fun!


  1. Wow, your 2nd birthday card. Your mother was a marvel.

  2. Happy Second Blogiversary Sharon! What a great idea to feature your second birthday card :)

  3. Happy 2nd Blogiversary, Sharon! Love the card. Looking forward to following along in year three.

  4. Happy 2!!! Love the card. It's so great to have something like that to pass on.


  5. Sharon,

    It must have been fun to find that card!! I had to wonder if you have found one for next year. I'm counting my Blogiversary in months--four months and counting.

    Regards, Grant

  6. I knew keeping all those cards would come in useful one day. I don't know it I have one for my third blogiversary or not. I stopped looking through them all when I found this one.

  7. Belated Blogiversary wishes, Sharon.

    Sorry I missed you big day but my wishes for a super year of blogging are no less sincere.


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