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The Third Annual Great Genealogy Poetry Challenge

Thanks to Geniaus for finding this challenge from Bill West.

1. Find a poem by a local poet, famous or obscure, from the region
one of your ancestors lived in. It can be about an historical event, a
legend, a person, or even about some place (like a river)or a local
animal. It can even be a poem you or one of your ancestors have written!
Or if you prefer, post the lyrics of a song or a link to a video
of someone performing the song.

2. Post the poem or song to your blog (remembering to cite the source
where you found it.)

3.Tell us how the subject of the poem or song relates to your ancestor's
home or life.

I can immediately think of 2 possible posts. I grew up in Tenterfield so Peter Allan's, Tenterfield Saddler could be a good choice. However, last year I went to Northern Ireland and was very fortunate to be shown around the Castledawson, Bellaghy area by Eugene Kielt from Laurel Villa in Magherafelt.

Laurel Villa Guesthouse in Magherafelt is often the venue for Seamus Heaney to read hi…

Harold Wilfred Ryan (1896-1896)

Harold was my grandmother's older brother.

Family Homes - No 1 - Groom Street, Kyogle

In this series of posts I will highlight former family residences. The first is one of the childhood homes of my grandmother Elsie Ryan. Although born in Smithfield in Sydney she moved to Kyogle with her family when she was about 3. She lived with her parents Michael and Sarah, sister Mary and brothers Bert and Jack at Groom Street in Kyogle.

On a recent visit to Kyogle, I photographed the house.

It looks like the fence is still standing after one hundred years. The roof has been redone and the bullnose verandah has gone and has now become part of the roofline. I wonder who planted the tree behind the house?