Australasia through a lens

My inspiration for today's post came from my Facebook feed via Gould Genealogy.

This post alerted me to the UK National Archive Flickr launch of an Australian collection of images titled Australasia Through a Lens.

My first thought was of course to wonder if there were any images I could assist to identify. This is not as silly as it seems as my great, great, great grandfather Henry William Seabrook and his sons were responsible for building many prominent buildings in Hobart.

Sure enough in the Tasmanian folder I found a copy of a photo of the Royal Society's Museum on the corner of Argyle and Macquarie Streets, Hobart.

Henry William Seabrook and his son, Henry William Jnr, built the Royal Society Museum on the corner of Argyle and Macquarie Streets, Hobart between 1861 and 1862 at a cost of £3772. A prominent architect of the time, Henry Hunter was responsible for the design of the building.

CO 1069-621-14
The Royal Society's Museum, Hobart

Our family is very fortunate as a descendant of Henry William Seabrook, Malcolm Ward has published a book Built by Seabrook - Hobart Buildings Constructed by the Seabrook Family from the 1830s. This book documents over 40 buildings built by the Seabrook family in Hobart spanning 4 generations over a 100 year period.


  1. Oh my goodness Sharon... what a wonderful story and such magnificent buildings and incredible craftsmanship shown in that book. You must be very proud.


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