Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Ancestral Places - Geneameme

It's holiday time for me and time to catch up on some of my favourite blogs. I came across Geniaus' post on Ancestral Places Geneameme  so I thought while watching the AFL Grand Final this afternoon I might work on my own ancestral places post. I might even have time for one for my husband's family too.

These are all places that my direct ancestors have lived. I'm sure I've missed a few.


Alberton, Vic, Australian (McInerney)
Antrim, Northern Ireland (Henry, Moore)
Ashton Under Lyne, Manchester, England (Ogden)


Bairnsdale, Vic, Allsop
Ballymacashel, Antrim, Norther Ireland (Moore)
Ballytaggart, Antrim, Northern Ireland (Henry)
Balmain, NSW, Australia (Flynn, Ogden, Ryan)
Barnardiston, Suffolk, England (Seabrook)
Bolton, Lancashire, England (Ogden)
Buittle, Kirkcudbright, Scotland (Fleming)]
Brisbane, And, Australia (Ryan)
Brough, Castledawson, Antrim, Northern Ireland (Agnew)
Brooklyn, New York, USA (Ogden)
Brisbane, Qld, Australia (Ryan)


Castledawson, Antrim, Northern Ireland (Agnew)
Chilvers Coton, Warwickshire, England (Handley)
Clarborough, Nottingham, England (Merchant)
Clare, Ireland (McInerney)
Clogher, Tyrone, Ireland (Lee)
Clone, Kirkkudbright, Scotland (Smith)
Cooma, NSW, Australia (Agnew, Moylan, Mylan)
Cootehill, Cavan, Ireland (Giles, Moore)
Cork, Ireland (Flynn, Moylan)
Countegany, NSW, Australia (Mylan)
Crick, Northamptonshire, England (Blackman)
Culbane, Antrim, Northern Ireland (Hannah, Kerr)


Darling Downs, Qld, Australia (Ryan)
Dawley, Shropshire, England (Merchant)
Derry, Northern Ireland (Agnew)
Drake, NSW, Australia (Hooton)
Dunkerrin, Offaly, Ireland (Halloran, O'Halloran)


East Melbourne, Vic, Australia (Dawson)
Elbow Valley, Qld, Australia (McColm)
Edinburgh, Scotland (Fleming)
Ematris, Monaghan, Ireland (Dawson)
England (Teesdale)
Ettrick, NSW, Australia (Dawson, Ryan)


Farnworth, Lancashire, England (Hope)
Franklin, Tas, Australia (Dawson)


Great Gonerby, Lincolnshire, England (Merchant)
Guilford, Surrey, England (Seabrook)
Greenock, West Renfrewshire, Scotland (Moore)


Hillgrove, NSW, Australia (Moore)
High Ongar, Essex, England (Sawtel)
Hobart, Tas, Australia (Seabrook)
Holloway Down, Essex, England (Bettis)
Hundon, Suffolk, England (Seabrook)


Ireland (Davenport, Lyons)
Islington, London, England (Neal)


Kedington, Suffolk, England (Seabrook)
Kelton, Kirkudbright, Scotland (Fleming)
Killarney, Qld, Australia (Allsop)
Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland (McColm)
Kyogle, NSW, Australia (Dawson, Ryan)


Leichhardt, NSW, Australia (Dawson)
Leigh, Lancashire, England (Hope)
Leswalt, Wigtownshire, Scotland (McCarlie)
Liverpool, Lancashire, England (Harrison, Ogden)
Lucknow, Vic, Australia (Allsop)


McLeod's Creek, NSW, Australia (Merchant)
Michelago, NSW, Australia (Dawson)
Midtown, Kelton, 
Minnigaff, Kirkcudbright, Scotland (McGill)


Newton Stewart, Dumphries and Galloway, Scotland (Milroy)
New Town, Tas, Australia (Seabrook)
Norfolk, England (White)
Nottingham, England (Neal)


Old Bonalbo, NSW, Australia (Dawson)


Pentonville, London, England (Neal)
Pittwater, NSW, Australia (Flynn)
Polesworth, Warwickshire, England (Orchard, Sherlock)
Portlaw, Waterford, Ireland (Ryan)
Portpatrick, Wigtown, Scotland (Milroy)
Prestwich, Manchester, England (Ogden)
Pretty Gully NSW, Australia (Merchant)


Ravenswood, Qld, Australia (Moore)
Richmond, Vic, Australia (Allsop)
Roscrae, Tipperary, Ireland (Halloran, O'Halloran)
Roxwell, Essex, England (Westwood)


Sale, Vic, Australia (Allsop)
Sampford Arundel. Somerset, England (Merchant)
Shandrum, Cork, Ireland (Flynn)
Smithfield, NSW, Australia (Ryan)
Southgate, Middlesex, England (Hooton)
Stepney, Middlesex, England (Bettis)
Stonden Massey, Essex, England (Bettis)
Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire, Scotland (McCaul, Milroy)
Stranraer, Wigtownshire, Scotland (Fleming)
Subiaco, WA, Australia (Ogden)
Sunnybank Hills, Qld, Australia (Moore)
Swatragh, Derry, Northern Ireland (Lagan, McElwee)
Swords, Dublin, Ireland (Dawson)
Sydney, NSW, Australia (Flynn, Moylan)


Tamworth, Staffordshire, England (Handley)
Tenterfield, NSW, Australia (Merchant, Moore)
Thurlow, Suffolk, England (Seabrook)
Tipperary, Ireland (Maley)
Toowoomba, Qld, Australia (Moore)
Tottenham, Middlesex, England (Hooton)
Tuena, NSW, Australia (Merchant)
Tyldesley, Lancashire, England (Hope)


Wallangarra, Qld, Australia (McColm, Moore)
Whittlesea, Vic, Australia (Dawson)
Wigtownshire, Scotland (Summers)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Henry William Seabrook builder of Hobart

After many years of searching I finally have an obituary for my great great great grandfather Henry William Seabrook. Unfortunately it doesn't offer any new information except that perhaps there is further information in the Southern Star. Unfortunately this publication doesn't appear to have been digitised.

The Launceston Examiner, 12 July 1883, p. 2.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Trove Tuesday - Bazaar at Franklin

The Mercury, Tuesday 10 January 1871, p. 3

My great great grandmother Emma Dawson must have spent some time with Mesdames Walpole and Innes organising this bazaar. As a teacher librarian I'm pleased to see that she was part of the committee raising funds for the Mechanics's Institute Library in Franklin, Tasmania.

Little did she know that five and a half months later she would be widowed at the age of 36 and would soon leave Franklin to live closer to her siblings in Melbourne.