Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trove Tuesday - Philip Merchant Tenterfield

I love it when Trove allows you to find events that would not be easily discovered without a random search.

This post concerns my great grandfather, Philip Richard Merchant of Tenterfield. His story made both the Brisbane and Sydney papers.

Sydney Morning Herald, 12 March 1931, p. 10

Late yesterday afternoon Philip Merchant,
a married man with 11 children, a resident 
of the Tenterfield district, suffered severe in-
juries when he was dragged several hundred
yards by a horse. He was riding on a cart-
load of wood, and, when he attempted to
jump off, his foot became caught in the reins,
tearing the winkers off the horse and causing
it to bolt. Merchant was dashed against
three telegraph poles. His condition is

Philip survived this accident. He died 20 years later in Tenterfield aged 68.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Trove Tuesday - Australian Women's Weekly

For this week's Trove Tuesday post I was lucky enough to find mention of a family member in The Australian Women's Weekly.

The Australian Women's Weekly, 19 December 1956, p. 46
Royal Melbourne Championship Show 1956
T.C. Seabrook Trophy
Most Successful Exhibitor
In all still table wine classes

Thomas Claudius Seabrook was a wine merchant and judge. You can read his biography in The Australian Dictionary of Biography here.

An advertisement taken out by McWilliams in The Argus of 5th November 1956 states that this was the first year this award was presented.