Tough Street, Hawthorn - What is it called now?

Why do towns and cities change the names of streets? This is causing me some confusion at the moment. It's the second time this has happened to me and both instances have been in Melbourne.

Nineteen year old Charles Stephen Seabrook died at Ravenswood, Tough Street, Hawthorn on 3rd February 1894.

A quick search on google maps reveals no such street. So obviously its name has been changed. Now what! A google search reveals a soldier with a Tough Street address enlisting in March 1915. So either the name was still in existence in 1915 or locals still used the old name.

I have now emailed the Hawthorn Historical Society in the hope that they can assist. Or can anyone else make a suggestion of where to from here?


  1. I had a look in the Melbourne Street Directory for 1920(, and it's listed there, but not in the 1936 edition. There is a map of Hawthorn in the 1920 edition, but either it's not on the map, or it's one of the small streets.

    1. Tough Street Hawthorn is now called Yarra Grove.

    2. Thanks very much. I'll check this out when I'm next in Melbourne.

  2. Thanks Alona for looking this up for me. I wonder if someone significant visited Melbourne between 1920 and 1936 and the street name was changed in their honour.


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