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Brickwall - Elizabeth Flynn

I am fortunate to be spending a few days in our national capital Canberra. So naturally where does a genealogist spend one day? At the National Library.
I had one main goal yesterday and that was to find out what happened to who I'm sure was Elizabeth Flynn. The reference I had to her was from The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW: 1843 - 1893), Thursday 7 March 1861, p. 4. It quoted the Cooma correspondent from the Alpine Courier. 

What didn't I do before I arrived? I didn't check that the NLA actually had microfilmed copies of the Alpine Courier. They had 1860 but not 1861. Although The Manaro Mercury and Cooma and Bombala advertiser began production in 1860 early copies do not survive.

I was advised to check the Perkins papers. According to the Society of Australian Genealogists, the Perkins Papers are a collection of typescript papers illustrating the social history of the electorate of Eden-Monaro  and the towns of Tumut and Adelong from 1823 - …

Whatever happened to Francis Henry Daniel Sneyd?

Francis Henry Daniel Sneyd was the youngest of nine or possibly ten sons born to Robert Hardcastle Sneyd and his wife Elizabeth Dawson. He was born in 1890 and lived with his family at Mount Gamble, Swords, Co. Dublin.

One day in 1913 he went to Dublin and I believe his family did not hear from him again. After the death of his father Robert Hardcastle in December 1923 the following notice was placed in The Freeman's Journal.

There was no reply to this advertisement and two years later a court case was necessary to declare him deceased before the death of his father.

Evidence during the case stated that:

"every possible form of inquiry had been made to find him all the world over, but without result. He was described as a noted sportsman, having been a footballer and county cricketer. He came into Dublin one day in 1913 and disappeared."  Irish Independent 23 Feb 1926, p. 11.

What happened to Francis Henry Daniel Sneyd? Did he simply go to Dublin and live there unrecognis…