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MyHeritage in Color

Like thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people around the work, I have been playing with the new addition at MyHeritage  - My Heritage in Color.

I want to share one of the photos I uploaded.

It came from my mother-in-law's collection and I believe from her father's German side of the family. I feel that this photo was not taken in Australia but am prepared to be proved incorrect.

Some of the points of interest:

the timber house has no eaves2 bicycles beside the housewooden barrel on the left hand side of the paththe brick? house in the background, appears to have some sort of carving on the second story above the doorhis cap may be an identifying featurehe is smoking a pipe The building in the background makes me think this is not from the Armidale area. Who are you?

Trove Tuesday - William Vesey Dawson, Saddler, Bonalbo

I have just discovered when my great uncle William Vesey Dawson first went into business as a saddler.

He only had his business open for 8 months before he enlisted in World War I. Upon returning to Australia, Bill continued his work as a saddler in several locations on the north coast of NSW until his death in Coffs Harbour, NSW in February 1974.

Trove Tuesday - John O'Sullivan and St Joseph's Church Balmain West

My great, great grandmother Mary Ryan's (Halloran) sister Margaret was married to John O'Sullivan. He worked for Swallow and Ariell in Sydney until his death in December 1908 aged 59 years. This article is one that I have found about him in Freeman's Journal.