Back up your blog

Yesterday I started thinking about all my data and how it is backed up.

I use a Time Machine from Apple which automatically backs up every hour or so. It's great to go back to recover an old file.

In fact two weeks ago I accidentally deleted a page on my Newspaper lookup spreadsheet.  (This is the speadsheet I create with publication dates of death and funeral announcements taken from the Ryerson Index. i.e. those that are not on Trove or the Sydney Morning Herald Archives site. When I am in Armidale I go to the University and look up these dates in the microfilmed newspapers.)

Fortunately I was able to go back into the Time Machine and recover an earlier version of the document. Lucky this happened two weeks ago as last week my Time Machine died. I am now paranoid that my laptop will die before I get a replacement. However, I have been backing up my genealogy files each night. I also have some information backed up on Dropbox and still more in iCloud so hopefully I have everything covered.

Then today I realised I had never backed up by blog. I would be upset if I lost it and as a consequence all the work that has gone into producing it over the last 2 years.

So this afternoon, I discovered that it was simple to back up my blog.

How long is it since you have backed up your data?

Perhaps you should do it now!


  1. I can relate! Nothing like a fright to spur us into action.

  2. I'd hate to think of losing over 30 years research.


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