National Year of Reading - Genealogy Challenge

I have set myself a genealogy challenge for this Australia's National Year of Reading. As I am a teacher librarian I also need to read to keep up with the students at my school. It looks like it will be a busy year.
Each of the books listed below come from my bookshelf. I have selected 12 - an equivalent of one per month. Most of them have a special significance. Some will be more challenging than others and a couple of them I'll be able to read in an hour. I'll review each of them here. What books are you going to read this year?

Image Title/Author When completed

James C Whorton
7th January 2012

Michael Lenihan
27 February 2012

London: The Biography
Peter Ackroyd

Free Passage: The Reunion of Irish
Convicts and their Families in
Australia 1788-1852
Perry McIntyre

Our Daily Bread
German Village Life, 1500-1850
Teva J Scheer

The Great Irish Potato Famine
James S. Donnelly, Jr

A New History of Ireland
Christine Kinealy

The Victorian Chemist
and Druggist
W.A. Jackson

The Victorian Hospital
Lavinia Mitton


Built by Seabrook:
Hobert Buildings Constructed by
the Seabrook Family from the 1830s
Malcolm Ward

Graham Kennedy Treasures
Friends Remember the King
Mike McColl Jones

Kelly Country
A Photographic Journey
Brendon Kelson & John McQuilton


  1. I love your list of books Sharon, and think I will have to go out and buy some of them! The challenge is a great idea.

    I'm going to have a look on my bookshelf and find a few to set my own challenge. I think my list will be shorter though because I have to fit study in this year somehow too.

    Maybe I could include some of my texts...


  2. To have any chance of finishing I will need to finish half this month. Half way through The Arsenic Century - fascinating reading. I'm actually having trouble putting it down. I'm surprised anyone survived Victorian England!

  3. What a fab idea, Sharon. I can't wait to read your reviews.... meanwhile I must think what I will do for NYR12

  4. Great idea Sharon....look forward to your reviews. I've got a couple of the books but have just ordered a couple of others as e-book gifts.


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