Lindsay Baumgarten - Barnawatha

Last night I was fortunate to come across a blog Carol's Headstone Photographs. Carol has taken photographs of many Victorian cemeteries and several from New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. Simply browse her site, hosted by RootsWeb, send her an email requesting specific photos and Carol will email them to you.

I browsed the list and saw Barnawatha. My mother's great aunt had lived at Barnawatha and sure enough there were several Baumgartens buried there. The branch of the family that I am interested in had left Barnawatha and moved to Moolan Downs in western Queensland in 1908. However, one of their children had died at Barnawatha.

Lindsay Gustav Dawson Baumgarten, the fourth son of Gustav and Catherine Baumgarten died on 12th August 1885, aged 11 weeks.

Thank you Carol for your fantastic service to the genealogy community.