2012 Genealogy Goals

After reading several posts from others who have evaluated their year and set goals for 2012 I though that perhaps I should do the same. I tend to be someone who flits from one thing to another, (In fact I am in the middle of something now and have dropped it to write this post.) so a few goals won't go astray.

After much thought I know I need to make organising what I already have a priority over discovering more wonderful information. So with this in mind here are my goals for 2012:
  1. Link my currently scanned and filed information to the appropriate individual or family in Reunion.
  2. Tidy up all my sources in Reunion. (After combining my family’s 3 files into 1, I still have many multiple sources.) 
  3. Complete scanning all my paper files. (in 2011 I worked on my filing system and am happy with that, but I still have the contents of at least a dozen large folders to scan.
  4. Take part in Amy Coffin's 52 weeks of Abundant Genealogy.
  5. In addition to the blogging challenge above I want to blog on average once a week.
  6. Complete my National Year of Reading Genealogy Challenge.
  7. Make some firm decisions about my image collection and begin to organise them. (Any suggestions here will be gratefully accepted.)


  1. Sharon,

    Hoping you can avoid tempatation and concentrate on the organisation Best of luck as you work towards your goals. You accomplish so much while you work fultime. Do you ever sleep?

  2. That's an imoressive list of goals Sharon! I love your commitment to getting your files scanned and ordered....could do with that myself.

  3. These are great goals. I'm excited to see Abundant Genealogy among them. I hope you enjoy the series!

  4. A great list of goals Sharon, good luck with these.


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