52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy - Week 1 - Blogs

One of the goals I have set myself this year is to take part in Amy Coffin's 52 weeks of Abundant Genealogy. I'm not sure how I'll go, but if I don't make a start I certainly won't finish!

Week 1 - Blogs: Blogging is a great way for genealogists to share information with family members, potential cousins and each other. For which blog are you most thankful? Is it one of the earliest blogs you read, or a current one? What is special about the blog and why should others read it?

I have my genealogy blogs in three sections on Feedly - Aus-Genie, British genealogy and Genealogy. When I check Aus-Genie I am always excited to see a post from Geniaus. I first met Geniaus at least 10-12 years ago when she came to Coffs Harbour and presented to a group of Teacher Librarians. I can still remember her talk was presented with a webpage to accompany it. She was enthusiastic and that enthusiasm rubbed off. I didn't know then that we shared another passion, that of genealogy. Her blog posts show that she has lost none of that enthusiasm and it still rubs off. Please don't stop blogging. You inspire me to keep blogging.

I also want to mention one other blog which I love. Although she hasn't blogged since November last year, Caro's Family Chronicles are a simply a delight to read. If you have ancestors from London you must read the posts titled Lost in London.


  1. I only have 1 rule for my blog series, but I'm pretty firm about it: you don't have to do all 52 weeks. The goal is to have fun, and always have something to write about.

    Thank you for participating in the series. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Sharon,

    That day trip to Coffs Harbour was a loooong time ago. I still love my technology and am pleased that genealogy has given me an outlet to merge my two passions.

    I am impressed by all that you do with genealogy while holding down a job that requires so much out of school reading time.

    Thank you for your kind words, your encouraging blog comments and all you do for genealogy downunder. A bit of positive reinforcement goes a long way.


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