SNGF - My husband's great great grandparents

After blogging about my great great grandparents I though I should add those of my husbands.
  1. Thomas Brennan is presumed to have been born and died in Ireland. He married Margaret Tobin on 18th February 1846 at Leafe Hill, Muckalee, Co Kilkenny, Ireland.
  2. Margaret Tobin is presumed to have been born and died in Ireland.
  3. James Ryan, son of Daniel Ryan and Anastasia Deeves was born c 1840 at Kilcooley, Co Tipperary, Ireland. He married Catherine Cleary at Uralla, NSW, Australia. James died in Uralla 20th September 1922 at Uralla, NSW, Australia
  4. Catherine Cleary, daughter of John Cleary and Catherine Heffernan was born c1846 at Cashel, Co Tipperary, Ireland. She died on 3rd April at Kentucky, NSW, Australia.
  5. Alfred Kerr, son of Robert Kerr and Ellen Smail was born on18th June 1845 at West Maitland, NSW, Australia. He married Mary Ann Spatch on 3rd July 1864 at Glen Innes, NSW, Australia. Alfred Kerr died on 26th March 1918 at Glen Innes, NSW, Australia
  6. Mary Anne Spatch, daughter of William Spatch and Ellen Key was born on 14th November 1848 at Glenelgin, NSW, Australia. She died on 14th July 1906 at Glen Innes, NSW.
  7. Thomas Squires, son of Henry/James? Squires and Sarah ? was born c1855 at Wanstead, Essex, England. He married Mary Ann Lydamore on 22nd March 1875 at Shoreditch, London, England. He died after 1906, presumably near Glen Innes, NSW, Australia
  8. Mary Ann Lydamore, daughter of Samuel Lydamore and Catherine Fuller was born on 1st May 1839 at Yarmouth, England. She died on 24th January 1924 at Glen Innes, NSW, Australia.
  9. Christoph Scheef, son of Johann Scheef and Anna Steinle was born on 9th March 1794, at Unterturkheim, Wurttemberg, Germany. He married Margaretha Munk(in) on 28th August 1821 at Unterturkheim, Wurtemberg, Germany. He died before 1885.
  10. Margaretha Munk(in), daughter of Jonathan Munk and Christina Haberle was born on 21 June 1798 at Unterturkheim, Wurtemberg, Germany. She died before 1885 at Steinheim an der Murr, Germany.
  11. Johann (Georg) Glock, son of Georg Glock and Christina Vayh was born on 10th April 1806 at Grosbottwar, Wurtenburg, Germany. He married Barbara Waegerle on 3rd July 1836 at Hopfigheim, Wurttemberg, Germany. Georg died on 3rd June at Uralla, NSW, Australia.
  12. Barbara Waegerle, daughter of Christoph Waegerle and Katharina Klumpp was born on 18th April 1810 in Wurttenberg, Germany. She died at Uralla, NSW, Australia on 18th September, 1869.
  13. Andrew Waters, son of ?, was born c1814 in England. He married Margaret Doherty in Sydney, NSW, Australia on 24th June 1850. Andrew died on 3rd January 1870 at Kelly’s Plains, Armidale, NSW, Australia
  14. Margaret Doherty, daughter of Robert Doherty and Betty ? was born c 1826 in Donegal, Ireland. She died on 12 December 1875 at Gara, Armidale, NSW, Australia.
  15. Elis Dawson, son of Thomas Dawson and Betsy Hare was born on 14th September, at Renhold, Bedfordshire, England. He married Mary Richardson on 23rd May 1841 at Renhold. Elis died on 1st October 1888 at Armidale, NSW, Australia.
  16. Mary Richardson, daughter of Thomas Richardson and Mary Holton was born in 1822 at Renhold, Bedfordshire, England. She died on 8th march 1859 at Booralong near Armidale, NSW, Australia.