Childhood Deaths - Norman George Dawson

Norman George Dawson (1913- 1931)

Norman is the next in a series of posts I have been writing about childhood deaths in my family.

Norman George Dawson, who was born in Brisbane was the 2nd of three children born to Bertrand George Dawson (my great uncle) and his wife May Katrina Victoria Otteson. 

My Fault Entirely

While Norman George Dawson (17) was riding a bicycle on January 23, he collided with the gutter in Barry-parade, and as a result of injuries he died in the Brisbane General Hospital on the following day. Yesterday, Mr W Harris, P.M., held an inquest into his death.

May Catrina Dawson, of Brunswick-street, New Farm, said she was the boy's mothers. He told her he was riding home from work, and in endeavouring to avoid a motor car he hit the gutter, and was thrown against a brick wall.

James Muir Glendinning, of Newstead-terrace, Newstead, said he was driving  a motor truck along Barry-parade. He intended to turn into Alfred-street, when he saw a boy on a bicycle. The boy crossed in front of the truck, and looking back, witness saw the boy lying on the footpath.

Dr B. H. McColl, of the Brisbane Hospital, said he questioned the boy about the accident, and the boy saod: "It was my fault entirely."

The inquest was closed.

The Brisbane Courier, Wednesday 11 March, 1931, p. 12.

Norman was later buried at Toowong Cemetery in Brisbane. 


  1. My grandfather was Reginald Peter Ernest Dawson and when I went on the historical archives I found that his father and mother is the same as Norman George and Rupert Charles. My grandfather was born on st Patrick's day 17 march 1911. he died at the age of 67 years of heart related problems. He married ALice Mary Dawson born 1919 died at the Age of 89 years. They had three children my father who died this year at the age of 67 again of heart related problems. A daughter who died of breast cancer at the age of 46. Another daughter who is still living. My dad had two daughter so the end of the Dawson name at my end.

  2. Thanks for commenting. You would be my second cousin once removed. Would you be able to contact me by clicking on "View my complete profile" and emailing me direct? I may have other information that you may be interested in.


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