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For many years I had put research on my husband's twenty-five percent German ancestry into the too hard basket. His great grandfather's name Jacob Scheef wasn't on the shipping list indexes. It wasn't until I found the name of the ship on his naturalisation papers and then went directly to the shipping list that I found Jacob Scheef. He arrived on the Grasbrook on 26 September 1865 aged 20. I couldn't read the name of the town where he was born on the shipping list so I was still lost.

It wasn't until many years later I happened to be in Sydney at a SAG event and I went to the German stand and someone said with only a quick glance that it was Untertürkheim. Armed with that information, a quick search of Scheef and Untertürkheim revealed many treasures. Someone had already transcribed many Church records and I could now progress a few generations further back than my husband's great grandfather. I was soon in contact with a few people over the world.

This weekend I was looking carefully at my database and realised that the information concerned more distant branches and I actually had no information about Jacob Scheef's immediate family. All I had known was that the church records had somehow indicated that his mother had left Untertürkheim with her family and moved to Steinheim an der Murr.

Many hours on family search have now given me several more German names and I will post them here in the hope that someone out there is also researching these names.

Direct line surnames - Scheef Munk(in), Steinle, Haberle, Lauterwasser, Häberle and Zaiss.

Indirect lines - Schanz, Strudel, Pantle, Buder, Klumpp, Lautenschlager, (Elizabetha Dorothea Scheef (Jacob's sister's family), Winkler, Schmid, Krauch.

In Australia Jacob Scheef married Christina Jacobvina Glock who lived only a few kilometres from him in Germany.

Her family names include: Glock, Wäegerle, Klumpp, Vayh and Rau.

These families all lived in or close to either Untertürkheim, Steinheim an der Murr, Hopfigheim and Großbottwar.

If anyone is researching these names, I'd love to hear from you. I have copies of many letters written and sent from Germany from the 1860s until the 1890s. I know some were written by Schanz (Scheef's brother-in-law) and he is mentioned in Jacob Scheef's letters home when he visited Germany in 1885.


  1. My name is Kevin John Pullen. My family are direct decendants of Georg Ludwig F. Glock and Rosina (Wajertie)They arrived in Australia aboard the Peter Godffroy on the 28t. October 1852 With them they had children Johan Christopher (aged 14) Johana Dorothy and Christina Jacobina
    Our line is from Johan Christopher 1838 -1924 who married Catherine Rachel Fredrica Muller on July 8th. 1862

    Among many children ,they gave life to Alice Glock on November 18th. 1871 Alice Glock Married James Henry Pullen at the Salvation Army Hall on March 16th. 1904 After Marrage they returned to the rest of the Pullen Clan in Gunnedah and than Narrabri My Father Joseph Francis Henry was their first born. Born Narrabri August 17th. 1906 Alice passed away in June 1921

    We are particularly interested in any information on the Glock Family of Rocky River Uralla, As you can see Alice passed away when our father was quite young and this information was not passed on to our generation. Their are currently four generations still alive and living in Australia. We have various photos and articles which we are happy to share withyou sould they be of assistance. We have recently formed a closed family group on Facebook so we can pass our very interesting Heratage onto each generation. We look forward in antisipation to any assistance you may wish to share

  2. Please email me. Click on contact me and then the link to my email. Would love to share information with you.


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