X-DNA Inheritance

I have just finished rereading Blaine T. Bettinger's book The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy.

I decided to look carefully at my possible X-DNA inheritance. Females inherit X-DNA from both their parents, one X chromosome from each. Males inherit their X chromosome from their mother.

This can be shown visually in the following charts. The first chart shows ancestors from whom I may have inherited my X-DNA.

The next chart shows my husband's X-DNA inheritance.

How will this be useful to me?

When I use Gedmatch in conjunction with DNA Painter I may be able to be more specific in assigning matches to a specific ancestor. e.g. If I have an X-DNA match with another person and our Most Recent Common Ancestors (MRCA) are William Dawson and Bridget Mylan, I can attribute the segment to Bridget Mylan or her parents John Mylan and Matilda Agnew as I know that it is impossible for me to inherit X-DNA from William Dawson.

The 6 generation fan family tree chart came from Family Tree Templates.


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