My 7th blogiversary

7th birthday card from my friend Denise O'Leary.
Today marks the seventh anniversary of my first blog post.

I wish I had reread my old posts prior to beginning this one as I would have saved considerable time.  This is what happened three years ago.

Like my second and third blogiversary I have rummaged through my archive (read boxes of stuff) and found my childhood birthday cards. There was an initial panic as I couldn't find the bag from a Fijian trip in 1971 which contained the cards. I had my husband looking in the roof only to later find the said bag inside a box in my study (where they should have been).

Some things never change! Jump forward to 2018 and it was a repeat performance.

This seventh birthday card was from my friend Denise. I'm pleased to say that we are still friends today.


  1. Congratulations Sharon. I'm impressed that you are able
    to keep blogging with your busy work schedule.

  2. Wow! 7 years & still writing .. Congratulations!


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