Road Building in Armidale

Amongst my mother-in-law's collection of photos that came from her mother is this wonderful one of a road being built. The photo was most likely taken in Armidale, but possibly Uralla. Of course, I have no idea when the photo was taken or who the two gentlemen are but I'm making an assumption that at least one of the men is related to my husband.

The clues to locating this street I feel are the two trees and the house facing the street. Short of driving up and down each street the only idea I can think of is to send a copy to The Armidale Express hoping that they will publish the image. Someone may recognise the street as their own.


  1. It's great to see pictures like this. This clearly shows the old style road building. I think this was even before the macadamize roads. Workers must have worked so hard on those days when there were no bulldozers or even trucks.


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