Brighton Cemetery - Melbourne

Anyone with family buried in the Brighton General Cemetery in Melbourne might like to look at the website created by Travis Sellers titled History of Brighton General Cemetery.

The website contains a history of the cemetery and a useful timeline. However, the most interesting part of the website is dedicated to stories about many of those interred at Brighton. Sellars has divided these into 150 Years: 150 Lives, Arts, Business & Commerce, Crime & Tragedy: short stories, In Brief, Local Identities, Medicine & Science, Military, On the Land, Politics, Pre-Victoria, Public Service, Reader's Stories and Sport. These stories also usually contain photographs of the individual and their headstone.

I have a story included in the Reader's Stories section titled Tragedy at Point Lonsdale William Thomas Seabrook 1881 - 1914

William Thomas Seabrook, age 33, the sixth child of William John Seabrook and his wife Mary Mason, drowned at Point Lonsdale while trying to rescue Muriel May Hunter from a dangerous surf. 

Please read his story linked above and take a look at some of the other stories to be found on the website.


  1. Heading over there to have a (virtual) look right now.
    Thanks, Sharon


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