Not Everyone Leaves a Comment

I started my blog in January this year answering the Australia Day Challenge. Today I decided to look at my stats to see what I could discover.

Some people have contacted me directly about my posts. One of these came within hours of posting for the Anzac Day Challenge. I was contacted by someone in the RAAF regarding my post about Allan Seabrook Mitchell which was very exciting.

I have also been contacted by William Vaughan author of Murder Trials in Ireland, one of the books I have reviewed. He has sent me some information about my Agnew family. I already had this information partially transcribed so it has been very useful to compare the two transcriptions and fill in a few of the gaps I had when I had extreme difficulty reading the document dated 1834.

My pages views have come from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Malaysia, Iran and Russia. Should I be concerned about any of these?

I'm disappointed the person who searched for Nettle Waters Family Armidale hasn't contacted me. Perhaps we could have helped each other. If you read this post, please send me a message.

Other searches that have found my blog include: I'd really like to innotate, McElwee genealogy from Ireland, book about murder trials, crew of HMS Euridyce, Cuming family tree, families of Samuel Dawson.

Thanks also to these referring sites, Geniaus, Twigs of Yore, Genimates, Geneabloggers, Twitter, Facebook, Unlock the Past and  Moonee Valley Family Local History.

I surprised at the number of visits my blog has had so feel that my time spent preparing posts has been warranted.


  1. I agree that it is very frustrating to see relevant search terms with no follow-up contact. Good luck!

  2. I feel your pain. Don't give up, though. Keep writing your blog posts. New cousins are out there. We just have to help them find us!


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