Have you considered smell?

Last year I was fortunate to be able to visit both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. While there my mother and I went to Cootehill, Co Cavan and were fortunate to be shown through the Church of Ireland at Ematris and the temple on Black Island at Dawson Grove.

Looking back towards Inner Lough

As I took this photo, looking back towards Inner Lough I could smell something. Our guide said that it was wild garlic.

I was certain I had read something about wild garlic in this area. When I returned home I found this reference in Ordnance Survey : 1834 - 38: Cavan, Leitrum, Louth, Monaghan and Sligo.

Inner Lake, an arm of the above chain, occupying nearly the centre of Dawson Grove gardens, and rye-grass and clovers have been introduced into several farms around with great advantage.  The rough stalked meadow grass, trefoil and timothy grass, and the sweet scented venal grass, are in full cultivation. The "graumph"a spontaneous garlic, strongly taints the air in some localities with its offensive perfume. p. 113

Some things never change!