Saying goodbye to family members

Today I have officially said goodbye to several family members whom I have become very attached to over the last several years.

Goodbye to Peter Hope and his wife Lydia Prince, Peter's Hope line of John, Benjamin, Petri and Petri. The last Petri had been married in Hartington in 1653. I also had to say goodbye to Peter and Lydia's daughter Mary who married Thomas Hickenbottom, and their children and grandchildren. They were all so easy to trace. Altogether I had to say goodbye to 13 direct line ancestors.

Why? THEY ARE NOT MINE. I should be excited but I have to admit to being a little sad.

My ggg grandmother, Ann Hope married Samuel Ogden on 3rd September 1837 in the Parish of Prestwich, Manchester in the County of Lancester.

Her father, Peter Hope was a farmer and one of the witnesses to the marriage. The challenge for many years had been to find out who was Peter Hope. Ann Ogden's entry in the 1851 English census stated that she was born at Tillese. Of course I could not find Tillese. There seemed to be only one possible solution. Peter Hope from Alstonfield seemed to be the likely father. He was the only Peter Hope I could find with a daughter Ann. (Luckily I didn't visit Alstonfield on a recent trip to England - I had been tempted!)

However, recently we discovered Tillese. The correct name is Tyldesley which is a town in Manchester. It was also known as Tyldesley-with-Shakerley and was in the parish of Leigh.

The foundation stone for the church at Tyldesley was laid in 1822 and until 1829 its chapelry was dependent on Leigh.

So I think I am correct now in entering Ann Hope, daughter of Peter Hope and his wife Alice Hadkinson/Hodgkinson who was baptised on 1st August, 1818 at St Mary the Virgin, Leigh, Lancashire, England. As there was no church at Tyldesley Ann would have been baptised at Leigh. A search has revealed that her parents, Peter and Alice were married on 3 September 1815 at Leigh.

So welcome to the family, Anne, Peter and Alice. I certainly hope you are the correct ones.


  1. Oh, I know the feeling well. I was especially sad having to say goodbye to a "rellie" of my own age, whose Ancestors also emigrated to Oz :-( My condolences, Catherine.


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