Individual arrivals in Australia

Today I came across a nine generation chart I had made a few years ago. Many people were highlighted and it took me a minute or two to work out what it meant.

I had highlighted the names of those direct ancestors who had arrived in Australia. I decided to graph the information and this is what it revealed for my family.

Here are the results for my husband's family.


My family 
  • 42 direct arrivals in Australia
  • 7 family group arrivals
  • Arrivals between 1822 and 1883
  • 2 single arrivals still to locate

My husband's family
  • 21 direct arrivals in Australia
  • 3 family group arrivals
  • Arrivals between c 1831 and 1885
  • 1 family arrival to locate
The downside of this is that my daughter wishes one of her grandparents had arrived from Great Britain and then she could get an ancestry visa. We are 2 generations to early for this to happen.

What do your arrivals look like?


  1. Sharon this a great way of highlighting immigrant ancestors. I will have to try this and post it to my blog perhaps this weekend. Thanks for the idea.


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