Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Family Homes - No 3 - Moolan Downs, Queensland

My previous Family Home post showed the childhood home of Catherine Ellen Dawson. After leaving Tasmania Catherine moved to Melbourne with her mother and siblings after the death of her father Dr William Lee Dawson.

Catherine married Gustav Baumgarten in Melbourne on 30th November 1876. They lived at Pleasant Bank Vineyard at Barnawatha. According to the Cyclopedia of Victoria they had 180 acres of vines, 465 acres of agricultural and grazing land and a further 300 acres under cultivation. 

During 1908 the Baumgarten family moved from Barnawatha to Moolan Downs, near Meandarra west of Dalby. They left a thriving business with an established homestead and moved to western Queensland. One of their first tasks when they arrived was to build the dwelling shown below.

Original dwelling at Moolan Downs - c1908

The second house at Moolan Downs

The final homestead at Moolan Downs

One can only admire our early pioneering families. Gustav died at Moolan Downs only four years after their arrival in 1912. I'm not sure if the final homestead was built before his death or not. Catherine lived there until her death in 1943. Both Catherine and Gustav are buried on the property.


  1. You're very lucky to have this series of photos. Excellent blog.

  2. How wonderful to have those photos! yes all our pioneering ancestors were incredibly tenacious. I wonder why they made the long distance move.

  3. That could be another blog post. Take a look at Ned Kelly's Jerilderie Letter. Not sure if that's the answer but could be part of it.

  4. How interesting - no new information but still interesting to me. My husband and I currently own Moolan Downs and often visit the graves.

  5. Pleased you found the post interesting.

  6. The below might interest you re Pleasant Banks:

  7. Hi my parents bought Engelbach from the Baumgarten family in the 1950's, at Meandarra, Queensland, Western Downs near Roma. I have their original marriage certificate, and a couple of business letters, and a very old newspaper clipping. Phone me on 07 46547164.