MyHeritage in Color

Like thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people around the work, I have been playing with the new addition at MyHeritage  - My Heritage in Color.

I want to share one of the photos I uploaded.

It came from my mother-in-law's collection and I believe from her father's German side of the family. I feel that this photo was not taken in Australia but am prepared to be proved incorrect.

Unknown gentleman from my image collection

Some of the points of interest:

  • the timber house has no eaves
  • 2 bicycles beside the house
  • wooden barrel on the left hand side of the path
  • the brick? house in the background, appears to have some sort of carving on the second story above the door
  • his cap may be an identifying feature
  • he is smoking a pipe
The building in the background makes me think this is not from the Armidale area. Who are you?