Tree Completeness 2020

I am a subscriber to DNA painter, which I love. This morning I decided to check out my Tree Completeness and thought it a good idea to check out the statistics.

I'm posting them here so I can check back next year to see how I've progressed. There must come a time when I can go no further.

It is interesting to note that my son-in-law has a pedigree collapse.

Sharon's Tree Completeness April 2020

My husband's Tree Completeness April 2020

My daughter-in-law's Tree Completeness April 2020

My son-in-law's Tree Completeness April 2020


  1. Somehow it's a 'tradition' to do completeness statistics on February 14th, apparently initiated by Geneanet - defining an Ancestor Score as

    “comparing the number of possible ancestors with
    the number of identified ancestors on a 10-generation report”.

    See also the blog with statistics I did this year:

  2. I'll have to remember this next year.


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