What excites a genealogist?

What excites a genealogist? Last week it was a colleague asking me if I might be interested in a book. It was called The Making of Women - a history of Mac.Robertson Girls' High School by Pauline F Parker.

I feel he may have been shocked by my exuberant reply. Of course I was interested. I think he was even more surprised when I told him I knew all about the Victorian high school.

I quickly flicked to the index and there was the entry I hoped would be there -  Seabrook Norman.

Norman Seabrook, the architect who won the opportunity to draw up the plans for the school in a nationwide state government sponsored competition in 1933, presented the Duke with a gold key to mark the occasion. (p. 60)

One sentence in the book, and of course I was interested. Norman Seabrook (1906-1978), an architect, worked in the construction industry (as an architect) like many of his family including his grandfather Daniel, several of his great uncles and great grandfather Henry William who were builders in Hobart.

Thanks Bill. I'll look forward to reading the rest of the book.