Can't believe I'm 3!

From my cousins Loretta and Kelvin
Today is the third  anniversary of my blog Genealogy Matters to Me. It doesn't seem that long ago that I bit the bullet and finally decided to start a serious blog.

Last year I rummaged around for one of my 2nd birthday cards to show, so I went back to the box and looked through my 3rd birthday cards. (I know I have hoarding issues but sometimes things come in handy.)

Looking through the cards I was delighted to see that I actually saw some of the people who sent me cards last weekend - a half century since they were sent to me.

I know I shouldn't make any promises I can't keep for the year ahead but I really would like to complete Shona Hicks  52 weeks of genealogical records challenge.

Wish me luck!


  1. Congratulations Sharn!!! You're a whole one year older than me (my blog that is) :lol: and on exactly the same day. The time sure does pass very quickly when you're having fun, eh? How wonderful to still have your childhood birthday cards.

  2. Sharon, your childhood birthday cards are very cute. None have survived in my family, but I think we may have kept my father's 90th birthday cards. If so, I should scan them or take digital photos.

  3. Congratulations on your 3rd blogiversary.
    Considering all you have on your plate Sharon you do well to blog at all.

  4. Congratulations, Sharon... and I love the card.

    I thought I was good at saving and I do have some cards put away ( from a long time ago), just have to remember just where... :-) My favourites were the crinoline ladies, that when you folded out the card, there were several outfits. They reprinted them a few years ago and I gave one to my granddaughter..

  5. I have several of little girls in crinoline. Jill, I'm trying to be disciplined with blogging this year and make it once a week minimum. I just get sidetracked too easily.
    Judy can you use a flip pal to scan? Catherine, hopefully we'll both still be blogging next year.

    1. Yes Sharon, I do have a Flip-Pal scanner, but for some simple jobs I use a digital camera because it's quick and easy. It is always on my desk, not packed away in a cupboard!


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