Reunion 10 for Mac

This morning I went to the Reunion for Mac site and discovered that Reunion 10 was released during the past week. Of course, all other plans for today have gone out the window.

I have been using Reunion for a long, long time since I changed over from PAF (probably since 1985 or 1986). I tend to be a person who stays loyal to one product. Hence the reason why I have only ever owned an Apple computer, buy Fountain tomato sauce and Colgate toothpaste.

There are many new features to Reunion 10. Immediately I can see a couple of great improvements.

  1. Reunion now integrates with Google maps. This was one of the reasons I have dabbled with TNG over the past 12 months but I haven't really had enough time to play with TNG to get the most out of it. Perhaps I may leave it now and concentrate on Reunion now that it has this feature. Will need to investigate putting this on the web instead.
  2. It is now much easier to merge source information. At one stage I was lazy entering date and only added town names as I figured I knew which state and country they were in. Lately I have become more particular with entering data. I have been tidying my files for some time, but this will speed up the process.
If you own a Mac and don't use Reunion you can download here and use the demo version to load 50 people.


  1. Hi, Sharon. Check out the videos I've made about the new features on


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