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Yesterday, my copy of Inside History magazine arrived. I sat myself down and forgot to start getting tea. This is always the case when it arrives. I always need to set aside some time to peruse the latest edition and this one was no exception.
I was quite surprised when I began reading an article titled Entering the blogosphere by Jill Ball, aka Geniaus. In the article she mentioned 50 blogs which are worth following. These blogs included institutional, society, personal, international and organisation blogs. Amongst the personal blogs there was a recommendation to read and subscribe to this blog.
I was quite pleased that I actually follow most of the blogs that Jill mentioned. The remaining few have been added to my blog reader, Feedly. Like Jill, I enjoy reading blog posts and more often than not I can find posts that are relevant in some way to my families, posts that make me wish I had more time to devote to my passion, posts that give me clues to help me in my personal research and others that are just great reading.
Thank you Jill for mentioning my blog. I now feel that I will have to lift my game and blog more regularly to make my blog truly worthy of your mention.
If you haven't seen Inside history and are passionate about Australian and New Zealand genealogy, history and heritage click on the link and subscribe to this magazine. It will be worth the subscription cost and the time spent reading every two months.


  1. Thank you for the shout out, Sharon.

    I take my hat off to you - how you manage to work fulltime and produce such well resourced blog posts I do not know.

    I'll be taking a screendump of this post to use in future presentations. I am thrilled to be talking on this topic at the NSW State Conference.

    1. Happy for you to take a screendump. Please make sure it is the latest edit with forgot instead of forget in the second line. My proofreading wasn't the best last night.


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