Why I love my iPad

Currently I'm on a holiday in England. Before I left I agonized about whether to bring my MacBook Pro with me. However, I erred on the side of common sense and left it at home. Into my bag I popped my iPad.

How has it proved invaluable?

1. Each evening I download the photos I've taken onto my iPad so at least I have another copy. I could also upload them to my flickr account but I haven't had time.
2. I have a copy of my Reunion files on my iPad. Any changes I make (I've already made several) can be transferred to my main machine when I get home.
3. My daughter has lent me her SIM card so Internet access has been simple and well used.
4. I have had access to free wifi on several occasions.
5. Google maps has been getting a thorough workout.
6. My app Feedler has enabled me to keep up to date with all the blogs I follow.
7. I've been able to easily reply to a few work emails that were important.
8. My Lonely Planet travel apps have been very useful.
9. The BlogPress app has proved simple to use. Images have been easily uploaded.
10. I also have a few books ready to read on my Kindle app and iBooks.
11. The train I'm currently on also has power so I can recharge my iPad.

What more can I ask for?

I couldn't travel without my iPad. If you don't already have one, you really need to invest in one now.

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  1. Thanks Sharon, good to know it's worked so well. I think though that I'd still prefer to stick to my light-weight laptop and a local internet mobile wifi, but you have given me food for thought, for "next time".

  2. Sharon, thanks for many good ideas on how to make good use of the iPad. Already, I am exploring some of them with my lovely iPad :-)

  3. That's why my Android tablet is my travel companion. I can also put a SIM into it and use it as a phone!

    Unfortunately I take so many photos on long trips that I need more storage then the iPad or tablet provide - so my netbook with 250 gig storage goes with me as well.


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