Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Where do You Fit?

This weeks challenge from Randy at Genea-Musings.

It's Saturday Night again -- and time for more Genealogy Fun!!!  

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1)  Use the Population Counter on the BBC News website to determine your place in the current world population, and your place in all of history (of course, these are estimates...see the website for how they calculated this).  Enter your birth date into the fields and click on "Go."

2)  Tell us about your results in your own blog post, as a Comment on this blog post, or as a status line in Facebook or a Stream post on Google Plus.  For extra credit, show us the image from the website with your information on it.

I entered my date and discovered this.

Currently Australia's estimated population is 22 398 014. Every hour there are 33 births, 16 deaths and 26 immigrants arrive. An annual growth of 1.7%.

The site also told me that I would believing longer but that working people like me will be supporting increasing numbers of older people. Does this mean I'll be working longer? In that case, I may have less time to devote to my passion. There is not a minute to waste!