Certificate of Irish Heritage

I have been reading about the Certificate of Irish Heritage that is available for purchase to anyone with Irish ancestry and can provide their Irish line of descent. On the certificate you can name two Irish ancestors.

Of course, for me and I assume many people the problem is which two of my Irish ancestors would I give pride of place to on the certificate.

I have 16 direct line Irish ancestors who arrived in Australia between 1822 and 1883. I have 10 on my mother's side and 6 on my fathers. I suppose I would have to choose one from each side. I have 11 Catholics, 1 Church of Ireland and 3 Presbyterians. There were 8 men and 8 women. There were 3 female children and 1 male child. There were 3 convicts. There was one doctor. Two share my maiden name of Moore.

Who would you choose?

My mother's side

1. Patrick Flynn was my first Irish ancestor to arrive in Australia. Patrick was a whiteboy from Cork and was sentenced to life. He arrived in 1822.

2 and 3. Patrick's wife Hanora and their daughter Ann came to Australia in 1826. Hanora took care of their children in Ireland. Upon arrival she successfully applied to have Patrick assigned to her.

4. Thomas Moylan who arrived in 1824 from Cork married Ann Flynn. He took up arms in Ireland and was sentenced to life. He died when their 4 sons were quite young and Ann was left to bring them up alone. She had to admit two of her sons to the Orphan School.

5. James Agnew from Castledawson, Londonderry, was sentenced to life in 1836 after being an accessory before the fact of murder. The trial papers and references tend to say he was a good man and the murdered man was a menace to the community.

6. Ellen Agnew his wife remained in Ireland for several years before coming to Australia with their 4 children in 1847.

7. Matilda Agnew was born after her father was imprisoned and so did not meet him until she came to Australia when she was 11 years old.

8 Dr William Lee Dawson from Swords, Co Dublin was the first doctor at Franklin in Tasmania. He arrived in 1854.

9 John Charles Ryan from Waterford is a bit of a mystery. His arrival date is unknown.

10 Mary O'Halloran (Halloran)'s date of arrival is unknown but it is assumed she came to Brisbane possibly with her brother and sister.

My father's side

11 and 12. John Moore and his wife Margaret Henry came to Australia from Antrim in 1883 after having lived in Greenock, Scotland.

13 Knox was the son of John and Margaret. He was about 10 when he arrived in Brisbane.

14, 15 and 16 John McInerney and his wife Mary Maley? and their daughter Mary Ellen arrived in Melbourne in 1854. John died 14 years later in a timber accident that left Mary with 9 small children to raise.

I really want a certificate but I don't know who to honour.


  1. This may sound frivolous - you could invoke the Luck of the Irish- Put all the names in a hat and have a draw for the licky two.

  2. Have decided that since my maiden name is Moore, I will have to choose John Moore for my father's side. Still undecided for my mother's side.

  3. My great- grandparents on my mother's side were John Moore and Margaret Jane Henry who came to Australia from Antrim in 1883 after having lived in Greenock, Scotland. Their children were Eliza, James, Knox, Margaret (Maggie) and Rosetta. Margaret Jane Moore (Maggie) was my grandmother.

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