Victor Robert Scheef

Yesterday I went with my husband and his mother to the Armidale City Public School Sesquicentenary. They are both former pupils. Of course, the part I enjoyed most were the displays in the library. There were a number of folders with photos supplied by previous students. We were disappointed to find that none of the ones we submitted were there. I wonder where they ended up? One was a year 6 class in 1940.

There were a number of original documents on display including school inspection notes, staff meeting minutes, punishment books and admission registers. I was surprised that we were able to look at these and physically touch them. My husband saw several of his friends mentioned in the punishment book. If he was in the book, he didn't show me! Not every admission register was on display but my husband found his entry in one book. However, our best find of the day was the admission register giving details of my husband's uncle Victor Robert Scheef.

As you can see, Victor moved from the Infants Department to 3rd class in the Primary Department on 24th January 1927 when he was 8 years and 8 months old. He died a little more than a year later on 9th March 1928. It is believed that he died from septicemia. It doesn't appear from this record that he started the 1928 school year, so was he ill for some time? Unfortunately the Armidale Express from the date just after his death is missing so any news item about his death is unavailable. However, now I wonder if there could be an earlier entry.