Jimmy Semmens - Australian Bantamweight Champion

While scanning photos at my mother-in-laws this weekend I came across this photo of Jimmy Semmens. He had sent the photo to his uncle Tom Smith husband of Margaret Waters of Armidale, NSW. When Margaret Smith died she left everything to her niece Julia Scheef. I think this is how the photo eventually came to my mother-in-law, Julia's daughter.

Jimmy Semmens - Australian Bantamweight Boxing Champion 1921 - 1925

So who was Jimmy Semmens?

Some quick research this evening has revealed that he was an Australian Bantamweight Boxing Champion. His first fight for the title against Billy Tingle in front of a crowd of 8000 people at the West Melbourne Stadium on 1st October 1921 ended in a knockout when Tingle went down after 14 of the scheduled 20 rounds. Semmens was described in The Argus as being "a clean build, fast and resourceful boxer, with a remarkable left-hand punch, which he uses as a rapier to keep an opponent at safe distance."

Jimmy retained the title over the next few years fighting George Storey (KO), Mike Flynn (won on a foul low left), Billy Grime (PTS), Bert Ristuccia (PTS). Jimmy was defeated by a knockout from Stan Thurbon in the 6th round at Leichhardt Stadium on 17th July 1925.

Jimmy's career spanned 1920 - 1932. He won 13, lost 8 and drew 2 fights. FightsRec

At this stage I don't know anything about the connection between Jimmy and his uncle Tom. Thomas Smith, a builder had married Margaret Waters in Manly in 1917 when she was 54 years old. I believe he was the Thomas Smith who died in Armidale in 1934.

Unfortunately this photo was the only photo we found this weekend which was easily identifiable.

If anyone out there knows anything about Jimmy Semmens please leave a reply.


  1. For another record of his fights see http://boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=87196&cat=boxer

  2. Jimmy Semmens real name was Harry Smith. He was Uncle Harry to my mother-in-law and the great uncle of my wife.

  3. Thanks very much. I have been in contact with members of his family and have sent them the photo.

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