Where are you Marion?

Where are you Marion? or Why haven't I checked message boards for years?

At the moment I am kicking myself. Years ago (and I mean many years ago) I would often post on or search message boards. I now wish I hadn't stopped the habit. Last week I came across this message from Marion dated 2004.

I am searching for my great grandfather James Agnew born derry ireland. abt 1827 died in Australia 1907. He married Elizabeth Jane Bone in 1888 in Melbourne Australia. He also married Bridget Cahill in 1854, Ann McCartney in 1858, and Harriett Meadows in 1859.

I have this James Agnew as a possible but highly probable member of my family. Ellen (Alice) Agnew arrived in Australia from Castledawson, Londonderry aboard the Waverley in 1847 with her four children to join her husband James in Cooma, NSW. Much research which can be found on the internet, only mentions 3 Agnew children, John, Rosanna and Matilda. James, the eldest seems to have moved from Cooma very early on. Research my aunt conducted in the 1970s suggests that one of his descendants visited Cooma from Victoria at some stage. 

Now what evidence do I have to suggest that Marion's James Agnew is possibly my James Agnew? The James Agnew who married Harriett Meadows was a native of Londonderry. The other evidence I have is in John (brother of James) Agnew's obituary dated June 1910.
He has only one brother, namely Mr. James Agnew, who resides at Sandhurst, Victoria, and two sisters, Mrs Mylan and Mrs Flynn, residents of this district.

Marion's great grandfather James died in 1907. Therefore, this obituary provides evidence that James is not the correct James Agnew. However, John's sister Rosanna Flynn had died in 1902 and his other sister Matilda Mylan had died in 1905. Thus it seems that the tense of the sentence was incorrect. If both his sisters were already dead, I don't think I can automatically assume that his brother is still alive. So perhaps I am still on the right track.

If you are out there Marion, please contact me.