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The holidays have arrived for me and I have set myself a mammoth task. I've finally decided to put my genealogy data and family information on the net. Following the lead of Geniaus and Twigs of Yore who both use The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG) written by Darren Lythgoe, I decided to bite the bullet and get myself organised. My new website can be found at The Tree of Me.

Now for some advice please. Am I being silly? I have not uploaded a Gedcom file as I started using PAF back in the 1980s. I later switched to Reunion for Macintosh. My reason is that I want clean data, with well organised sources. Should I upload a file? However, it could only be for one section of my family as I have three files for my side and one for my husband. I think I will reduce this to a tree for me and a tree for him.

My next task for today it to try and get the map feature working as this is one of the features that I really like.


  1. Are you planning on hand entering your data and maintaining the site manually? I suspect that you have enough people in your tree to make that a lot of work - but it's your decision. You can always try uploading a GEDCOM with the site set to private to see how it looks, and delete it again if you're not happy with it.

    I experimented quite a bit before making my site "public". I make all my changes in my desktop program and upload periodically to the site. There is a risk in doing it this way that some piece of private information in the GEDCOM file, entered when I never imagined I'd share the database with anyone, will be publically visible. I've developed a system of checks that hopefully catch everything.

    Meanwhile, I'm gradually refining what's in my database so that all the checks should be unnecessary. I've also decided to mark anyone born after 1910 as living, even if they were born and died in 1911. Look out for what's in your sources too. Unlike photos they aren't hidden if attached to living people.

    Whatever approach you take, have a good play behind the scenes before you open the doors, if that's your plan. I look forward to checking out some of the familiar names I see in your surname list!

  2. Thanks for your advice. I'm still considering the best way to go about this. I suspect it will take a while to make a decision I have happy about.


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