iBooks or iAnnotate PDF on my iPad?

This morning I have been downloading some digital books from the Reading Room at Ask about Ireland. I have decided to download them to my iPad. That decision was easy. It is so much easier to read these documents on a iPad than on my laptop. Now to my problem - do I view them in iBooks or iAnnotate PDF? I've downloaded Fingal and its Churches (a scanned digital book) to both to see which is superior.

  • At the bottom of the screen there are thumbnails of the pages to quickly move to a specific page.
  • I can't highlight the text as I would like.
iAnnotate PDF
  • It is more difficult to move to a specific page.
  • As the book is scanned, I can't highlight text as I could with a normal pdf file.
  • I can however, still user the ruler tool and draw a box around selected text.
  • If I email the summary, it only says I have a line drawing on a specific page, so this is of little use.
  • If I make a note, and email the summary, the contents of the note are in the summary. This should allow me to find required text at a later date.
What I would really like.

I'd really like iAnnotate PDF to have an easy facility to move to a specific page of the PDF. If there is one, please let me know.

Now to Fingal and its Churches.