Mystery almost solved

When my great great grandmother Margaret Jane Moore (Henry) died on 1st August 1923 her death certificate stated that she had two deceased sons.

Margaret Henry had  married John Moore on 21 September 1871 at Ballymoney, Antrim, Ireland.

Upon her death she had 5 surviving children.

Knox            b     c1873     Ireland
Rosetta         b       18 February 1875     Ballymoney, Ireland
Elizabeth      b       1884     Glencoe, NSW, Australia
James            b      1887     Queensland
Margaret       b       1889    Brisbane, Queensland

My previous research had discovered two sons not mentioned on her death certificate.

John             b       28 December 1872  Dervock, Ballymoney, Antrim
James           b        25 September 1881, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

A visit to Scotland's people today solved the mystery. I decided to purchase the birth certificate of James and discovered that he was a twin. He and his brother John were born in the early hours of 25th September 1881. Sadly, both James and John died in October 1881; James on 4th and John on 13th.

I now had to discover when John (b1872) died. His brother John's birth indicates that he must have died between 1872 and 1881. The question was did he die in Ireland or Scotland?

A search for a John Moore dying in Scotland between 1872 and 1881 did not reveal a likely candidate.

An Irish search was more successful. There is a John Moore dying in Ballymoney district in the 4th quarter of 1876, aged 3 years. Unfortunately there is not a direct link to this certificate, so to solve this mystery I may have to pay 4 euro.

My only problem now is that I have never been able to locate the official records of the c1873 birth of their son Knox, my great grandfather.