Letters of 1916

Three years ago I posted that I was going to contribute one of the family letters to Letters of 1916.

This digital collection includes letters held at institutions in Ireland and abroad alongside those in private collections. There are hundreds of letters connecting thousands of lives commenting a myriad of topics including the Easter Rising, literature and art, the Great War, politics, business, and ordinary life. Letters of 1916 adds a new perspective to the events of the period, a confidential and intimate glimpse into early 20th Century life in Irelandas well as how Ireland was viewed abroad. Letters of 1916

The letter I contributed was written by Maude Dawson (Kilronan, Swords, Ireland) to her cousin Louisa Spinks in Victoria on 9th June 1916.

I went back to the website today to check that the letter was on the public site and there it was.

Letter from Maude Dawson to her cousin Louisa Spinks, 9 June 1916

My only disappointment is that it says the letter belongs to Dennis McGrath, private collection. I have emailed them to sort that out.

The scope of Letters 1916 has now been extended to include letters from 1916-1923. Unfortunately the other letters I have were all written earlier than this period.