52 Weeks of Genealogical Records in 2014 – Week 17 Court Records

This is week 17 of  Shauna Hicks challenge for 2014.  Shauna said that this blog challenge is to stimulate my own genealogy blogging efforts in 2014 by focusing on a different kind of genealogical record each week. I wanted a challenge that reflected my own archival background as well as my own genealogy interests and there are probably lots of other records that I could have included. The challenge has an Australian focus but most of these records will be found just about anywhere in the genealogy world.

This week's topic is Court Records.

In my research my main contact with court records that I have is via a secondary source -  what is reported in local newspapers.

Since the advent of Trove this has become a relatively easy task. 

The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser, Saturday 18th April 1874, p. 4

Ludwig Glock found himself the victim of a robbery. George Parker was convicted of stealing £2, two boxes of matches, a handkerchief and a shirt from Glock. Parker, another man and two women came to Glock's house with alcohol. While there Parker "pulled Glock about" and robbed him. He was sentenced to two years imprisonment, with hard labour, at Maitland. Perhaps less drink would have kept him out of gaol.

This report in the Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser is an abridged version from the Armidale Express. I've added this to the list of things to investigate when I'm next in Armidale and have access to this paper. Perhaps it will give me more information about Glock that I can add, other than the fact he lived by himself in 1874.