It's a Small World - No 2

Yesterday I was browsing my blog feeds on Feedly when I came across this post - Got Rid of Two Husbands. Imagine my surprise when I realised that the post was about the wife of a man in my extended family. I already knew about the two husbands and had read another newspaper story about the incident. However, this story gave credence to one fact that I was unsure of. The child in the story belonged to the first husband. The Mad Genealogist and I are 4th cousins once removed.


  1. Sharon, I wonder if we share this realtive. I cannot find any convicts, but we do have one murder (husband shot wife-other side of the family tree). Prehaps it was the hard times they lived in - although there is never an excuse for violence against another.

  2. Feel free to email me if you want to see if we are related. Email can be found in my profile.


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