Scheef family receipts and invoices

 I have a rather large collection of invoices and receipts that belong to my husband's Scheef family. Albert Gustave Scheef and his family owned a property, Spring View at Long Point, Hillgrove.

Together they give a detailed insight into the life of the family from the stock details, vehicles owned, medical appointments and purchases from suppliers. Over the next couple of months I hope to scan them all.

The invoices are dated from the mid 1940s to the early 1950s. Albert died in October 1953, so perhaps later invoices were not placed on a metal spike as the earlier ones were.

The Scheef family had dealings with a large number of businesses in Armidale.


Dr R. B Austin, Armidale
Dr J.K. Harbison, Armidale
The Armidale & New England Hospital
Leo E. McConvill, Dental Surgeon, 107 Faukner Street, Armidale
Mr W.H. McBean, Braemar, 171 Beardy Street, Armidale
D.D.H. Fayle, The Armidale Dispensary
Mallam's Pharmacy, Chemists, Armidale


Weaver, Gentle & Harrison, Pastoral chambers, Faulkner Street, Armidale
Clerk of Petty Sessions - Dog registration

Auctioneers & Buyers

David W Oliver, Licensed Auctioneer, Armidale
Thos. W. Green & co Pty Ltd, Wool and Skin Merchants, Armidale
Goldsborough, Mort and Company Limited, incorporating J.A. Mitchell Armidale
J.A. Mitchell, Valuer and Insurance Agent, Imperial Buildings, Armidale
The Farmers & Graziers Co-operative Grain, Insurance & Agency Co Ltd, Beardy Street, Armidale
A.M. McCann, Wool, Hide and Skin Merchant
The New England, North & North-West Producers' Company Limited, 187 Beardy Street, Armidale


The United Insurance Company, Limited, Armidale
Transport & General Insurance Company Limited 142-144 Phillip Street, Sydney (H.J. Court, Armidale)
The New Zealand Insurance Company Limited, Northern New South Wales Branch: 14 Bolton St., Newcastle

Vehicles & Farm Equipment

Frank Rowe 123 Marsh Street, Armidale
R.W. Smith Vulcanizing & Retread Specialists, Beardy Street, Armidale
Harry J Court, 121 Marsh Street, Armidale
Caltex Oil (Australia) Pty. Limited 

Pastures Protection

Pastures Protection District of Armidale


E.S. Purkiss - Seed, Grain and Produce Merchant, Beardy Street, Armidale
J. Richardson & Company Pty. Limited, General Merchants and Providers, Armidale
L.W. Burgess, Rusden Street, Armidale
Don Anderson with N.L. Cutmore stamped over the top, 151 Rusden Street, Armidale
Ken Jones, 111 Dangar Street, Armidale
T. Lambert Pty Ltd Merchants, Rusden Street, Armidale


Cooney Creek Dingo Association
Armidale & N.E.P., A & H. Association


The Armidale Newspaper Company
The Armidale Express
Broadcast Listener's Licence


Municipality of Armidale - Flood Relief Appeal
Dumaresq Shire


Bank of NSW


The Australian County Party (N.S.W.)