My World War 1 Soldiers

I have decided to write a series of posts over the next couple of years to highlight all the men in my extended family who enlisted in World War 1.

So far I have identified 26 soldiers who enlisted between 20 August 1914 and 2 November 1918 and I feel sure I have missed some. Of the twenty six, five were killed overseas or died here in Australia.

At this stage, I don't have information about them at my fingertips. I don't know if they were all single or if some were married with children. I have photos for some of them, but not all. They enlisted in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

My aim is to post on the 100th anniversary of their enlistment.

My first post will be on 20th August 2014 and the final one in the series on 2 November 1918.

30 August
Tonight I have found another soldier. So my tally now is 27 soldiers of whom 6 were killed.


  1. You're a glutton for punishment, Sharon. Will you be adding the links to their stories to the new Discovering ANZACs?

  2. Yes, I'll do that as well. I only have 5 to do this year, so should be able to manage that. Just worried about who I've forgotten as I didn't tag them in Reunion. I have now.

  3. A great idea. I like the 100th anniversary of enlistment as a way of pacing the project.

  4. Awesome Idea...I will consider if I can get this done also...have just taken on a big project and still recovering from major surgery...I don't think any of my connections joined so early...will be worth checking out. Thanks for the great idea Sharon, I was wondering how I could do something worthwhile.

  5. I've done a similar thing on my Wordpress blog. It began as a practice run at using Wordpress.
    I can't decide which I like better so I use both and have tried to link back and forth.
    I've thoroughly enjoyed researching my family's soldiers.

  6. Great idea, especially posting on their anniversaries. Look forward to reading them.


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