The Barry Jones explanation

Have you ever wondered like me why you can remember the names of so many ancestors and family members, where they came from, what ship they arrived on and seemingly thousands of other facts about your families?

Have you ever wondered why you often can't remember other simple facts and figures at all?

The answer was given to me at the weekend while I read an article in the Easter Weekend Edition of The Sydney Morning Herald - Love is a Battlefield by Bob Carr (Minister for Foreign Affairs). The article was about Bob's cousin Len, an American Civil War expert.

The bell ringing moment to me was this paragraph.

"We are left with the Barry Jones explanation : the more facts you know, the more facts adhere. If you love the subject enough, your memory absorbs every detail." SMH News Review April 6-8 2011, p. 15.

So now, like me, you know why.

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  1. Don't know that my memory is that good. I often flounder when Mr Geniaus expects me to recall the minutiae of his family history.


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