SLQ Images - Wallangarra - 1909

Deserted area and dirt road in front of Royal Hotel and other buildings at Wallangarra,  c1909.

I love looking at the images on the State Library of Queensland website and those on Picture Australia. The photograph above is one of my favourites as it is of the small country town in Queensland that I grew up in. The dirt road is now the New England Highway which passes through Wallangarra. I grew up just around the corner.

However, the main reason I love this image is that my grandfather was born in Wallangarra. So this photograph shows me what Wallangarra looked like in 1909 when he was born. Even better, my grandfather was born at the Royal Hotel. So this photograph shows me exactly where James Malcolm Moore was born. My grandfather always said he was born on the billiard table. I never knew if he was joking or not!

Have you looked at Picture Australia to see what images there are for the town you or your ancestors grew up in? You never know what treasures you may find.

Image from the State Library of Queenland
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