What a Weekend!

Last weekend I went to visit my uncle and spent a lot of the weekend scanning everything of genealogical value in the house. Fortunately for me my great grandparents lived with my mother, aunt and uncle and their parents for a number of years and all the precious family history has been preserved.

My aunt, who was interested in family history back in the early 1970s got my nanna to write on the back of all the old photos, so we know who everyone is. There are no surprises. There was only one missing photo and it has been missing for many decades. It was one of my great great grandfather John Charles Ryan taken in a buggy outside W.H. Ariel and Co in Kent Street, Sydney where he worked. Perhaps someone has it!

Over a number of years my aunt has filed and labelled everything. My only problem was that we didn't have a digital copy of any of it, so for a long time I have have been worried about the safety of these treasures.

I had a busy weekend. I scanned letters, receipts, guarantees, photographs of family homes, family portraits and took photos of realia. We went for a drive around the town and took photos of all houses where family members lived. We drove to the old farm, and gazed across the creek to the grove of trees where the farmhouse once stood. I've since marked these places on a google map.

I now have material for many blog posts. I just need a name to call this series of posts. Any suggestions?